Frances Drew MKT 120 1902SU Ms Seaford NetFlix June 6

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NetFlix Mkt 120 1902SU Ms. Seaford Frances Drew 1. Netflix is an ingenious way to allow people to have entertainment in their homes for a minimal amount of money. Back in the days of renting movies from Blockbuster and Hollywood video one could expect to pay around 4-6$ to rent a movie for a few days and then outrageous late fees when they are late. With Netflix a family or person and pick any plan that works for them. Personally I am on the 2 at a time plan myself for 14.99 a month. But if that is to much then you can go even lower with 9.99 or even 4.99. If you want more movies you can rent up to 4 at a time. Not to mention some movies you can watch instantly on your home computer or TV if you had a Wii, PlayStation or other type of viewing device. In a time where economically thing have become so hard for the American family to go out and spend money, simple clicking and picking your movie online and having it mailed directly to you is a wonderful option. No worrying about late fees and if you want to cancel you can at any time for any reason without paying an extra
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