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WORKSHEET 1 - PERSONAL FINANCIAL GOALS WORKSHEET Short-Term Goals (less than 1 year) GOAL PRIORITY LEVEL Pay off outstanding bills Pay off outstanding credit cards Purchase a major item Other short-term goals (specify) Intermediate-Term Goals (1 to 10 years) Save funds for college for an older child Save for a major home improvement Save for a down payment on a house Pay off outstanding major debt Finance very large items (weddings Finance a major vacation (overseas) Other intermediate-term goals (specify) Long-Term Goals (greater than 10 years) Save funds for college for a young child Purchase a second home for retirement Take care of your parents after they retire Start your own business Other long-term goals (specify) Make sure your goals are realistic and stated in specific, measurable terms. In addition, prioritize your goals and identify a specific
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Unformatted text preview: time frame within which you would like to accomplish them. The listing below is not meant to be all-inclusive, but merely to provide a framework within which goals can be formalized. DESIRED ACHIEVEMENT DATE ANTICIPATED COST Accumulate emergency funds equal to 3 months' living expenses Purchase adequate property, health, disability, and liability insurance Finance a vacation or some other entertainment item Purchase a vacation home or time-share unit Create a retirement fund large enough to supplement your pension so that you can live at your current standard...
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