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test review - • Need laborers to do work(class to race...

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Test Short Answers/Essay: must give specific examples (details) from the films/readings or you won’t get full credit. Stealth Femininism 3 rd wave – late 80s-90s Positives – no more weakness Saying feminist = bad thing a disguised feminism to give away back lash (50s)and seen in female athletics today. 2nd wave – Title VI 1 st wave – backlash Racial – skin color Ethnicity – culture (race, religion) VERY SIMILAR Hierarchal goals in colonies First hierarchal goals in colonies --- RELIGION (Christianity) What event made race prominent --- when they needed servants/ slaves (labor = class
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Unformatted text preview: • Need laborers to do work (class ---- to race later on) • Needed land for growing crops (why native Americans were kicked out of their own land) Psychosocial Dominance • Related to social control • Controlling images, hegemony (making people believe this is right) • A social level and psychological • Examples: controlled imaging, stereotypes, sports (separation of teams, different rules, norms that go with classes/hierarchies) Contested Terrain • Contradiction for race + gender (females and AA) sport has pros and cons • For women--- can’t cross certain line • For race--- “golden ghetto”...
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