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Test Short Answers/Essay: must give specific examples (details) from the films/readings or you won’t get full credit. Stealth Femininism 3 rd wave – late 80s-90s Positives – no more weakness Saying feminist = bad thing a disguised feminism to give away back lash (50s)and seen in female athletics today. 2nd wave – Title VI 1 st wave – backlash Racial – skin color Ethnicity – culture (race, religion) VERY SIMILAR Hierarchal goals in colonies First hierarchal goals in colonies --- RELIGION (Christianity) What event made race prominent --- when they needed servants/ slaves (labor = class
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Unformatted text preview: Need laborers to do work (class ---- to race later on) Needed land for growing crops (why native Americans were kicked out of their own land) Psychosocial Dominance Related to social control Controlling images, hegemony (making people believe this is right) A social level and psychological Examples: controlled imaging, stereotypes, sports (separation of teams, different rules, norms that go with classes/hierarchies) Contested Terrain Contradiction for race + gender (females and AA) sport has pros and cons For women--- cant cross certain line For race--- golden ghetto...
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