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SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY BEEDIE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUS 251 – Financial Accounting I D1 (11-2) Anne Macdonald Final Exam Study Suggestions (see the separate posting for midterm study suggestions) The publisher has made available a Student Companion Site to the textbook. This contains resources that may be helpful in studying for the final exam. Also, see the sample final exam with solution which I have posted on the course website. For the Student Companion Site, go to: www.wiley.com/canada/hoskin Find the logo for the 6 th edition, click on ‘Visit Companion Sites’ and then select ‘Student Companion Sites’. [Note, you will not be able to access the instructor site]. Select a chapter (the final exam is comprehensive, and will cover chapters 1 – 12, although will be concentrated more heavily on the post-midterm chapters: Ch. 5, 7-12), and you will find the following resources: Pre-lecture quiz Post-lecture quiz Additional practice problems The quizzes comprise true/false and multiple choice questions. Complete them online and click submit at the bottom of the page, and they will be automatically marked for you. To get the most benefit from the additional practice problems, try them yourself first, before clicking on the solution button. Chapter
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6thEditionFinalExamStudySuggestions - SIMON FRASER...

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