Interfaces and Communications

Interfaces and Communications - manually by pressing light...

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Top Level Objects Communicates Within Incoming Messages Outgoing Messages The microwave The control panel The display The turntable Light Pressing baked potato button starts microwave for 6 minutes. Opening the door stops the operation Microwave door has to be closed for the microwave to start When door opens the microwave light turns on When the microwave starts the turn tray turns on Any default button like defrost, popcorn, preheat the microwave knows at what temp. to cook these features and for how long to do them Once operation is complete microwave stops operation Pressing clear button or stops the microwave operation Pressing start button, user wants to start the microwave Press popcorn button 1 time to microwave 1 bag of popcorn. Press popcorn 2 times to microwave two bags Turn fan on manually by pressing fan button Turn light on
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Unformatted text preview: manually by pressing light button Any manual time input by the user Add 30 second button increases time Pressing defrost button, user wants to defrost something The microwave beeps when the timer has reached the end of its cycle After pressing defrost button: “Press defrost button 1-6 times per displayed pound” After pressing popcorn button: “Press popcorn button 1-3 times per popcorn serving” Timer counts down the microwave operation and flashes “done” when complete One advantage of having a componentized system is that if one of the components breaks you could replace that one component. This method is more cost effective to the consumer. However, manufacturing companies sometimes design a life time to components that can’t be replaced forcing you to buy a whole new unit....
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Interfaces and Communications - manually by pressing light...

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