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Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse

Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse -...

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Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse Chris Bolte 5/12/2011
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For starters, Dorfman Pacific runs their warehouse procedures with a paper system. This is a manual system with lots of room for error and time consumption. The company’s volume is increasing and the business is growing. A paper based system then becomes ineffective and stressful on everybody involved. A system upgrade is needed. A complete overhaul of the technology in the warehouse is the first step. Wireless technology would be a great solution. A wireless system would cut costs and time by reducing errors and unnecessary paperwork by implementing hardware and software used to manage inventory, stocking of inventory, orders, packing, and shipping. Training then would be necessary to ensure all users understand the system and use it to its capacity. Dorfman put together an IT team that consisted of both internal and external members,
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Unformatted text preview: directors, and managers. The team analyzed all data involving warehouse procedure, from shipping to receiving, including weight and dimension of each product, so they could implement the right system for the specifics of Dorfman Pacific. The next step was to test the feasibility of the wireless system so they brought in Texas Bar Code Systems to determine if the wireless signals would function properly amidst the concrete walls, metal shelves, rows of products, and where the best wireless access points were located. Next, all the old networking wires and cables were replaced to revamp the IT infrastructure. That, with the ERP system in place, the warehouse could better and more efficiently handle the picking, packing, and shipping processes with barcode labeled bins, in which the pickers scan with a wireless scanning devise....
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