Did your VARK score surprise you at all

Did your VARK score surprise you at all - 1. Did your VARK...

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1. Did your VARK score surprise you at all? My VARK score did surprise me a little. I did not know that I had so many preferences for the way I learn things and take in and handle information. According to The VARK Questionnaire, my score was 34 with a stepping distance of 4. I am multimodal due to a bimodal preference, which means that I learn from all the VARK preferences, visual, which means that I learn by seeing, aural, which means that I learn by hearing, read/write, which means that I prefer to learn by information that is displayed in writing, and kinesthetic, which means that I like to learn from experience and practice, both simulated or real. 2. Did you know what type of learner you were before taking the test? I guess I always knew what type of learner I was, however, I never put much thought into it. I have always known that if there is more ways than one to describe something, I will investigate all of them. For example, if I am building an ariondak chair with instructions that I found in a
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