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Dr. Mark Siegel - Part 1 I chose to read the persuasive...

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Part 1 I chose to read the persuasive essay title, “Treating the Pain to End a Life”, by Marc Siegel. Though I grew up in a Lutheran church and believe that our lives are in God’s hands and it is up to him whether and when we live or die, Dr. Siegel states a great argument. This essay effectively changed my mind and I will tell you why. I believe that hastening death, or a “trade-off”, is, in the most extreme situations, the humane thing to do. We euthanize our beloved pets to end their pain and suffering. As in the people that we love and care so much about, we should do the same, but in only the most extreme situations when an illness is terminal, pain predominates, and drugs cannot bring back quality of life. Dr. Siegel stated that the Netherlands, where euthanizing is legal, patients who are still ambulatory and thinking clearly, can ask a doctor for a lethal injection. That, I do not agree with. The Oregon law, on the other hand, I do agree with.
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