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The article that I found and chose to write a summary about is titled, “How Central and Connected Am I in my Family. Bridging and Bonding Social Capitol in Family Configurations of Young Adults with Psychiatric Disorders” and is written by E.D Widmer, A. Orita, J.-A. Gauthier, N. Senac, A.T. Cucchia, K. Stekel, and F. Grasset. In this article, they explore whether or not an individual’s psychiatric disorder has anything to do with their family relationship, or lack thereof. Basically, the report states that a body of research focused on the impact of positive family relationships on psychological well-being showed that those individuals who belong to families in which relationships are gratifying and which adequately supports their members are less prone to depression and show higher self-esteem and self-efficiency. The report goes on to state the methods that they used in the process, in which all research took place in the rehabilitation unit of the Department of Adult Psychiatry (DUPA) of the
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