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What is the result of your IAT

What is the result of your IAT - example I understand the...

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What is the result of your IAT? Do you think the test produced valid results in your case? The result of my IAT suggested that I had a “strong automatic preference for light skin compared to dark skin”. Yes, I do think that the test produced valid results in my case. I know for a fact that I prefer light skinned over dark skinned. I suppose it has to do with what I can relate to. I have light skin, so I usually spend more time with light skinned people, attracted to light skinned people, and have more in common with light skinned people. In your opinion, is it difficult to accurately measure prejudice? Why? In my opinion, I think that it is pretty difficult to accurately measure prejudice. Take this test for
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Unformatted text preview: example. I understand the theory of the test structure, having you make quick, trigger response decisions to evaluate your conscious and subconscious views and opinions about skin colors. I think that it is, in theory, a good idea, but the test also takes motor skills and quick memory to complete. I think it is more of a hand-eye coordination test. I was going so fast I made a few mistakes, but I feel that they were because of memory, not preference. Describe other measurements sociologists utilize to calculate prejudice. I do know of another measurement used to calculate prejudice. It is called the “Bogardus Scale”. Other than that, I cannot think of any other measurements....
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