Declining Fish Stock


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RUNNING HEAD: DECLINING FISH STOCK 1 Declining Fish Stock Chris Bolte SCI/275 July 3, 2011 David Barraza
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DECLINING FISH STOCK 2 In the video, the water resource problem is the overfishing of tuna and swordfish, mostly commercial. This has caused a large decrease in population of these two distinct types of fish, and has threatened their existence, bringing them closer to extinction. Some scientists believe that overfishing does more damage to the earth’s oceans than does toxic waste and pollution. My plans for sustaining the declining fish stock in our planet’s oceans are to first identify action items and list them in order. 1) Research and identify the causes of declining fish stocks. 2) Once the cause is determined, which is overfishing in this case, I would develop a necessary plan of action(s). 2) Next, I would develop an education program explaining the effects of overfishing and what it does to our oceans. 3) With a serious problem such as this, a team of scientists and researchers may need to be constructed. 4) The team and I would then need to meet and go over research results and ideas to find possible solutions. 5) Schedule a presentation date, place, and time. The second step in my sustainment plan is to explain how I am going to conduct the action items. These are the action steps. For the first action item, research and identify, I would search the internet for information and reports on the subject of overfishing. Only credible websites and their reports would be acceptable for review. The necessary research would include views from both the environmentalists and fishermen, including any other possible cause
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