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RUNNING HEAD: ENERGY RESOURCE PLAN 1 Energy Resource Plan Chris Bolte SCI/275 July 17, 2011 David Barraza
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ENERGY RESOURCE PLAN 2 Energy is an important part of our everyday lives. We use energy for a multitude of activities and functions. Basically, without it our modern world would come to a halt, and many think that it would cease to exist. That may be the case if we are not careful. It is important that humans begin taking action on the conservation of our energy resources before it is too late. Energy conservation protects our environment from drastic changes and saves the depleting resources for our future generations (CEF, 2011). There are two types of energy resources: renewable and non-renewable. Renewable energy is energy produced or generated by natural resources, such as wind, rain, sun, tides, and even plants. They are plentiful and by far the cleanest source of energy on the planet. Non-renewable energy is energy that is taken from sources on earth that are in limited quantities and will not last for much longer. Your non- renewable sources are natural gas, oil, coal, and fossil fuels.
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