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Is it Getting Hot in Here

Is it Getting Hot in Here - Is it Getting Hot in Here or is...

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Is it Getting Hot in Here, or is it Just Me? It is a fact that we have to face. The world is warming up. In fact, according to scientific evidence, our world is hotter than it was two thousand years ago and if we are not careful, it will be hotter than at any time in the past two million years by the end of this century. It is brought up in debates and discussed in every community and every corner of our planet. Some choose to believe and some don’t. However, what cannot be neglected are scientific facts. Of course, science is mostly based on theory, but for hundreds of years scientists have been keeping a close eye on our planet and its rising temperature. While it is argued that global warming in the past was caused by more natural occurrences, today it is most likely caused by us; humans. Many conservationists believe that we humans have been taking advantage of our planet and taking it for granted for too long and that we need to do something about it right now. If we do not change our ways and take better care of our planet, we may lose it. According to scientists,
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