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This may sound strange and maybe corny, but when I was in high school we decided to hold an experiment. The experiment and research did not fit the class whatsoever, which was” World Politics and Global Issues”, but our teacher was curious and desperately wanted to prove a point. Now, it all started with a somewhat heated discussion that the teacher and the whole class became involved in. I will not go into the details of the discussion, but it was about our country, the U.S. of A. Anyway, one of the students blurted out, “Most Americans are good and honest people”. So our teacher rebutted and said, “Maybe good, but not honest”. So, another debate was born. Our teacher decided to test this theory by holding a little experiment. We decided to put a twenty dollar bill in an otherwise empty wallet with a fake name and our teacher’s phone number on a card that read’ “IF FOUND, PLEASE CALL…” We then put the wallet underneath a table in our cafeteria about 15 minutes before lunch time. What happened next we really do not know.
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