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If you have not seen the television series about a young black adolescent growing up during the 1980’s in a white neighborhood, going to a white school, titled “Everybody Hates Chris”, you are missing out. This show is a comedic portrayal of a young black man and the issues he may encounter while going to an all white school in an all white neighborhood. He is a high school freshman who has an older brother, and a sister about the same age. His parents are “proud” black parents trying to raise their kids right while dealing with the difficulty of doing it in an all white neighborhood. It is written by the actor and comedian Chris Rock and is actually supposed to be about his life and how he grew up. He narrates through the entire show, providing commentary and comedy relief. The episode that I watched was about Chris and his best and only friend, a white boy named Greg, cutting school to go see the new, hit movie “Ghostbusters” in the theatre. It happens to be that on this particular
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