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Most Americans should not use credit cards

Most Americans should not use credit cards - Most Americans...

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Most Americans should not use credit cards. This topic, which is more like a powerful statement, is correct for many reasons due to the large number of Americans struggling with thousands of dollars in credit card debt. In my point of view, the consumer should not be credited with all the blame. Credit card companies are just as much as fault because they are targeting young adults and people with inadequate credit more and more with the understanding that they are at greater risk for slipping into debt and offering what seems to be a “great deal” with low interest rates “to start”, giving them easy access to a large amount of spending cash. Most of these consumers are irresponsible, as well as opportunistic. They will spend money if given to them, without putting into consideration the consequences. As we all know, these credit card companies make their money off the high interest rates that they charge, and then, of course, the late fees and other associated fees incorporated with being late with your payments. With
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