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Most Americans should not use credit cards. I. Card ownership A. Circulation B. Use II. Credit card debt A. Irresponsible users B. High interest rates III. Demographics A. Age, gender B. Race I decided to sequence my paragraphs this way because of the order the information and the way that the reader needs to read it, actually using a little spatial order. Before, I said that I did not plan to use any spatial order, but as I was planning the outline, I decided that using spatial order along with order of importance can give my paper an advantage.
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Unformatted text preview: I also wanted to surprise people and present the significance of the ideas and reasons; therefore, I used some order of importance. In this sequence, I am hoping to successfully present my points, facts, and information to my audience in order to get them to understand what points I am trying to get across. I did not think that a chronological order would be necessary or helpful in a paper such as mine, since this particular order uses a time sequence in which events took place....
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