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How are your table answers similar

How are your table answers similar - o How are your table...

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o How are your table answers similar? How are they different? First, I decided to choose my wife, and to her agreement, as well, we both thought it would be interesting to see each other’s views on this topic. We don’t talk about racism or prejudice much, so we thought we would enjoy this. Our tables are different in a lot of ways, We definitely see things different or have different beliefs. In fact, while doing this assignment, we even got into some debates. For instance, the way women are treated in both groups and the way that they differ socially. On the other hand, our views on moral, political, and religious issues between both groups have some agreements. It is amazing how two people that live with each other and know each other so well, view things so differently. o Do either tables list descriptors in the Both Groups category? Describe. Yes, I have 17 descriptors in the Both Groups category and my wife has 10 descriptors. Some of mine include women as homemakers, patriarchal society,
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