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Week 5 Assignment - advice and he thought that it could be...

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My  wife, Chelsea, and  I  received a letter in the mail this week saying  we  were approved for a  credit card.  At first, we thought that  it  would be nice to have a second card around for  emergencies.   She  really liked the idea of having that extra spending power, especially around  Christmas time.  I thought that it would be helpful in getting a few things that we have really  wanted and make a few renovations around the house.  I even asked for my father-in-law’s 
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Unformatted text preview: advice, and he thought that it could be more trouble than it is worth. Upon further review and discussion, we came to a conclusion that a second card is not needed and wouldn’t be the best idea. With the credit card company’s interest rates being so high, we felt that they were just trying to set another trap. We decided that they were not going to get our money, so we cut up the card and threw it in the trash....
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