Checkpoint__Indigenous Encounters

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Indigenous religions have been deeply affected by their encounters with modern cultures. What was the most important or interesting negative consequence of this (introduction of disease, loss of land, forced conversion feel free to use your own)? I would say that the most important negative consequence of an indigenous religion being deeply affected by their encounters with modern cultures is loss of land. Living in Montana, with the Little Bighorn Battle Field and its rich history in the "conversion" of Native Americans (Fox, Jr., 1993), I am reminded of this consequence every day. Other consequences are important, as well; introduction to disease, forced conversion, loss of traditions, heritage, etc. I feel that by taking the land away from the Native Americans and forcing them to live on reservations is the absolute cause of all other consequences. America took a lot more from them than their land. America took their way of life, the way they eat, clothe themselves, and trade goods, by taking their...
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