Alexander - Topic 1 1, about person 1) What are qualities...

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Topic 1 1, about person 1) What are qualities you think leaders must have? Personally, I would have to say about the qualities of the leader is that the most important quality is showing confidence to team members. The leader must lead by example for those to see that they are indeed a true leader. What’s more, the leader must be equal to everyone without showing favoritism to any particular one. Hard work is important because I think to be a leader, they should work hard to inspire people. 2) Who do you admire most? I would have to say that one of my teachers is the person I admire the most. She is a very dedicated teacher, working hard and diligent for all her students. She always corrects our homework, sometimes even staying up late until the midnight hour. My teacher is always helpful to others, so when I meet difficulty, I always think of her. 3) Describe the characteristics you look for in choosing your friends I think my friend must have enthusiasm for life and always be there for me when I am in need. Having the same interests as I have is also important. A sense of humor is important to me because when we get together, we can tell jokes. What’s more, if my friend is very knowledgeable, it is great because they can help me learn more things. 4o In your opinion, what is the most important quality of a good team member? I would have to say that there are three most important qualities of a good team member. First of all, they must be collaborative with other members of the team, as working together precedes winning together. Being adaptable is also important. If a team member won’t make changes to better the entire team, the team will not be a good one. What’s more, a good team member must be enthusiastic; the heart is the source of energy. 2 place 1o What is your favorite room? (The rooms of a house include: the living room, where the family sits together, usually watching TV; the dining room is where the family has meals together; the bedroom is usually the place where each family member goes to have privacy or to do their homework because it is quiet there; some homes have a study room, which includes a desk, a computer and book shelves with many books, which is also used as the place to do homework. Example: I would have to say the dining room is my favorite room because it is where my family
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Alexander - Topic 1 1, about person 1) What are qualities...

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