Excel_Student_02-35KATHYHAINES - Interest Revenue 2,933(e...

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02-35 Name: KATHY HAINES Enter the appropriate numbers/formulas in the blue-shaded cells, or select from the drop-down list. The word "Wrong" will appear to the left of an incorrect entry. (1) General Journal Debit Credit Adjusting Entries (a) Accounts Payable 4,300 Cash 4,300 (b) Depreciation Expense 4,700 Accumulated Depreciation - Building 4,700 (c) Bad Debt Expense 4,740 Allowance for Bad Debts 4,740 (d) Interest Receivable 2,933
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Unformatted text preview: Interest Revenue 2,933 (e) Sales Revenue 12,160 Unearned Sales Revenue 12,160 (f) Discount on Notes Payable 150 Interest Expense 150 (2) Net Change in Income: Add: Interest revenue not recorded $2,933 Overstatement of interest expense 150 $3,083 Deduct: Depreciation expense $4,700 Bad debt expense 4,740 Overstatement of sales revenue 12,160 (21,600) Net reduction in reported net income $(18,517)...
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Excel_Student_02-35KATHYHAINES - Interest Revenue 2,933(e...

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