week 2 assignment

week 2 assignment - Eye for an Eye 1 An Eye For An Eye...

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Eye for an Eye 1 An Eye For An Eye Regina Nichols Soc101 6/27/2011 Trent Nguyen
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Eye 2 An eye for an eye? This is the question that the Death Penalty poses. Is it right for the government to decide the fate of a convicted murderer or rapist? How about the fact that a lethal injection costs twice as much as it would to just let the person stay in prison until they die, and have to think about why they are in there, and how m any lives they have affected. According to the text, it costs taxpayers $1.1 million dollars to imprison a person for life, whereas to kill them byu lethal injection would cost around $3 million(Schaefer, 2009, pg 177). The death penalty-or capital punishment- has been around for centuries. The most notorious of times being during the Salem Witch Trials, where a conviction of witchcraft meant being burned at the stake. Witchcraft is a type of religion. Our first amendment rights here in the United States grant us, as citizens, freedom of religion. The use of the Death Penalty under these rights would be ruled unconstitutional. However, if we are talking about the case of, let's say 9-11-2001? Then, yes, the Death penalty would be correct judgment. Osama Bin Laden not only killed millions of innocent pepople, and destroyed a national business center when he ordered those planes flown into the world trade center, but he bruised our countries morale. For
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week 2 assignment - Eye for an Eye 1 An Eye For An Eye...

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