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week 2 discussions - Discussions To participate in the...

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Discussions To participate in the following Discussion Forums, go to this week's Discussion link in the left navigation: 1. Shrinking Middle Class Read article 8-1. The Shrinking Middle Class on pg. 189 and respond to the following questions: What constitutes a middle class family? According to the text, noted economics professor, Lester C. Thurow defines a middle class family as one in which the income is between 75 and 125% of the nation's median household income. Which means the average middle class family earns about 36,150-60,250 per year. For the nation as a whole, what are the dangers of a shrinking middle class? There are several factors that are noted as contributing to the shrinking middle class. According to the article, about half rose to the upper class system, and half to the poorer class. Some of these factors are: 1-) Lack of opportunities for adults with little education: Having been part of the job search myself, I found myself back in school, after seeing that 95% of jobs now require an Associates degree at minimum. A few years ago, opportunities were abundant with a high school diploma, but nowsdays, employers want to make sure they hire people who know their field, and will provide a long term investment in their company. If one has a college degree, this says something. Employers figure that if you are willing to spend years in school learning the selected field, then you are less likely to leave their company after 6 months. Getting that degree now may be worth less trials and suffering later. 2-)Global Competition and rapid Technological advances: There have been many advances where technology is concerned. Computers can do things that once required a human being to do. Now we have computers that can do book keeping, computers that can clean, and cook. This means that the need for humans to do jobs is becoming less and less likely. The global competition factor is also putting a snag in the middle class
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week 2 discussions - Discussions To participate in the...

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