week 2 assignment

week 2 assignment - Partners Parents and Families as...

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Partners Parents and Families as Partners Regina Nichols ECE101 05/23/2011 Instructor Kelley
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Partners “When parents are involved in their children's education at home, the children do better in school. And when parents are involved at school, children go farther in school, and the schools they go to are better-Unknown”(Morrison, 2009, pg. 485)their Involving families in their child's education is a huge factor in how the child will succeed. Research has shown that students whose families are actively involved in their education are far more likely to graduate than those students whose families don't support their education. I will highlight six areas in which a teacher can involve parents(and other types of caregivers) in their children's education. The family structure has changed so much from what it was many years ago. The norm used to be mother, father, children. With extended family stepping in when needed to help care for the children. Nowadays, there is no one norm for a family. Families consist of the standard, single-parent families, grandparents taking care of their grandchildren-according to our text, 8% of all children under 18 were living in homes maintained by 4.2 million grandparents.(Morrison,
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week 2 assignment - Partners Parents and Families as...

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