week 5 discussions

week 5 discussions - Kindergarten Expectations On the first...

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Kindergarten Expectations On the first day of kindergarten, some children will be able to read and write while other will not recognize their written name. Have the kindergarten academic standards been raised too high or have we just realized the potential of five year olds? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. I feel that kindergarten classes expect too much from our kids. Kids will learn things as they are ready to learn them, and not when the school district or state determines they should. No two children will learn the same way either, so as educators, we need to observe how each child learns and tailor our lesson plans to their individual needs so that they get the most out of the lesson. My four year old, for example, can recognize the written letters of the alphabet, but when they are put together as his name, he has a hard time telling me what they say. Granted, children are smart in more than one area(going back to Gardner's multiple intelligences), and we just need to spark interest in reading and writing through those intelligences. For example, give the child a writing pad of paper with his name at the top, show him how to write the letters once, then have him copy it a few times. Five year olds have a lot of untapped potential, we just need to have them use it properly, and to their
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week 5 discussions - Kindergarten Expectations On the first...

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