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Unformatted text preview: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS) MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (MIS) LECTURE NOTES 7 E ­ COMMERCE DIGITAL MARKETS AND DIGITAL GOODS SPRING 2010 E - COMMERCE: DIGITAL MARKET AND DIGITAL GOODS COMMERCE: E-commerce began in 1995 when one of the first Internet E-commerce Portals, (Netscape.com) accepted the first advertisements from major corporations and popularized the idea that the Web could be used as a new medium for advertising and sales. be No one envisaged at the time that that would turn out to be No exponentially growth curve for e-commerce retail sales which tripled and doubled in the early years. tripled E - COMMERCE: DIGITAL MARKET AND DIGITAL GOODS COMMERCE: Although most purchases still take place through traditional Although channels, e-commerce continues to be the fastest growing form of retail trade, and continues to transform the way companies do business. The e-commerce revolution is still just beginning. Individuals and businesses will increasingly use the Internet to conduct commerce as more products and services come online and more households switch to broadband telecommuni...
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