A blog the popular term for a weblog is a personal

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Unformatted text preview: t at the point of purchase, an ideal time to prompt a consumer into purchasing a related product. consumer ELECTRONIC COMMERCE (E-commerce) ELECTRONIC INTEACTIVE MARKETING AND PERSONALIZATION INTEACTIVE BLOGS Blogs have emerged as another promising Web-based tool for Marketing. A Blog, the popular term for a Weblog, is a Personal Web page that typically Blog, Weblog, ersonal contains a series of chronological entries (newest to oldest) by its author, and links to related Web pages. links The Blog may include a Blogroll (a collection of links to other Blogs) and The Trackbacks (a list of entries in other Blogs that refer to a post on the first Blog). (a Most Blogs allow readers to post comments on the Blog entries as well. The act of creating Blog is often referred to as ‘’Blogging’’. Blogs could be hosted by a third party site such as Blogger.com (owned by Blogs Google) Google) ELECTRONIC COMMERCE (E-commerce) ELECTRONIC BLOGS Continued) Blog Pages are usually variations on templates provi...
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