Changing the e commerce delivered product or services

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Unformatted text preview: Customization’’. (Changing the E-commerce ’’. delivered product or services based on a user’s preferences or prior behaviour. Given the interactive nature of e-commerce technology, much information about the consumer can gathered in the marketplace at the moment of purchase. With the increase in Information Density, a great deal of information about the consumer’s past purchases and behaviour can be stored and used by online merchants. KEY CONCEPTS IN E-COMMERCE; DIGITAL MARKETS AND DIGITAL GOODS KEY The Internet has greatly reduced the cost of obtaining and distributing The information, and created a digital marketplace where millions of people are able to exchange massive amounts of information directly, instantly, and free. As a result, Internet has changed the way companies conduct business. As The Internet shrinks Information Asymmetry. The Information Information Asymmetry exists when one party in a transaction has more information that is important for the transaction than the other party. That information helps determine t...
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