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Unformatted text preview: ries, such as Office Equipment or Transportation. Example 1: Exostar is an Industry owned Net Marketplace (Sponsored by Aerospaced and Defense industries), focusing on long-term Contracts purchasing relationships and on providing common networks and computing platforms for reducing supply chain inefficiencies. ELECTRONIC COMMERCE (E-commerce) ELECTRONIC Example 2 ‘Exchanges’ are independently owned third-party Net Marketplace that connects thousands of Suppliers and Buyers for Spot Purchasing. • Nowadays, suppliers are reluctant to participate in ‘Exchanges’ since they encourage competitive bidding that drove prices down and do not offer any long term relationships with buyers. MOBILE COMMERCE (M-COMMERCE) MOBILE Wireless Mobile devices are starting to be used for purchasing Wireless goods and services as well as transmitting messages. goods M-COMMERCE APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES M-commerce Applications have taken off for services that are time-critical, M-commerce that appeal to people on the move, or that accomplish a task more efficiently than other methods. than 1. Content and Location-Based Services 1. 2. Banking and Financial Services 2. Banking 3. Wirel...
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