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Electronic commerce e commerce electronic b net

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Unformatted text preview: Net Markets Direct - Indirect goods selling Net Markets Indirect • Direct goods are those goods used in a production process, such as sheet steel for auto body production. • Indirect goods are all other goods not directly involved in the production process such as products for maintenance and repair. ELECTRONIC COMMERCE (E-commerce) ELECTRONIC b) Net Marketspace by Purchasing Support b) - Contractual purchasing support Net Marketplace Contractual Spot purchasing support Net Marketplace • Contractual purchasing support is based on long term relationships with designated Suppliers • Spot Purchasing Support is short term support where goods are purchased based on immediate needs, often from many different Suppliers. ELECTRONIC COMMERCE (E-commerce) ELECTRONIC c) Net Marketplaces by Market Types c) - Vertical markets serving Net Marketplaces - Horizontal markets serving Net Marketplaces Horizontal • Net Markets that serve those Vertical Markets for specific industries, such as automobiles, telecommunications etc.. • Net Markets that serve Horizontal Markets in various indust...
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