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Suppliers can automatically send data about shipment

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Unformatted text preview: hedules and automatically ship materials and goods to meet pre-specified targets without intervention by firm Purchasing Agents. Agents. Figure below shows Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Companies use EDI to automate transactions for B2B e-commerce and Companies continuous Inventory Replenishment. Suppliers can automatically send data about shipment to purchasing firms. The purchasing firms can use EDI to provide production and inventory requirements and payment data to suppliers. to B2B ELRCTRONIC COMMERCE: New Efficiencies and Relationships B2B Many organizations still use Private Networks for EDI, Many Private companies are increasingly turning to the internet for this purpose because it provides much more flexible and low cost platform for linking to other firms. Businesses can use the Internet to locate the most low-cost Suppliiers, search online catalogs of Supplier products, negotiate with Suppl ers, Suppliers, place orders, make payments, and arrange transportation. Using the Internet, businesses are able to extend digital technol...
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