The web makes it possible to deliver rich messages

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Unformatted text preview: age. The web makes it possible to deliver rich messages with text, audio, and video simultaneously to large numbers of people. INTERACTIVITY INTERACTIVITY Interactivity allows an online merchant to engage a consumer in ways similar to a face-to-face experience but on a massive, global scale. E-commerce technologies are interactive, meaning that they allow for two-way communication between merchant and consumer. two-way E - COMMERCE: DIGITAL MARKET AND DIGITAL GOODS COMMERCE: INFORMATION DENSITY The Internet and the Web vastly increases Information density (the total amount of and quality of information available to all market participants.) E-commerce technologies reduce information collection, storage, processing, and communication costs while greatly increasing the currency, accuracy, and timelines of information. Information Density in e-commerce market makes Prices and Costs more Prices transparent. Price Transparency refers to the ease of finding out the variety of Price prices in a market....
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