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Unformatted text preview: r consumers by auctioning the merchandise off to the highest bidder. ELECTRONIC COMMERCE (E-commerce) ELECTRONIC Wired Network Electronic Commerce Until recently, almost all e-commerce transactions took place over Wired networks. Wireless Network Electronic Commerce (M-commerce) The use of handheld wireless devices for purchasing goods and services from any The locations has been termed as Mobile Commerce or m-commerce. locations Both B2B and B2C e-commerce transactions can take place using m-commerce technology. ACHIEVING CUSTOMER INTIMACY - (E-commerce) ACHIEVING (E-commerce) INTERACTIVE MARKETING, PERSONALIZATION, AND SELF SERVICE The unique dimensions of e-commerce technologies offer many new possibilities for Marketing and Selling. The Internet provides companies with additional channels of communication and interaction for closer yet more cost-effective relationships with customers in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. INTEACTIVE MARKETING AND PERSONALIZATION The Internet and e-commerce have helped some merchants achieve the holy grail of Marketing. (Making products and services to millions of consumers that are personal , (Making to and impossible o achıev...
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