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And businesses firms harvest these personal

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Unformatted text preview: working members surf pages, check out other members, exchange messages, Social and thus they reveal a great deal of information about themselves while surfing . and Businesses firms harvest these personal information to create carefully targeted Businesses promotions that far surpass the typical text and display ads found on the Web. Firms also use the social networking sites to interact with potential customers. These sites are so stick that they have become very powerful marketing tools. These Social Networking is so appealing that it has inspired a new type of e-commerce Social experience called ‘’Social Shopping’’ . ‘’Social Social Shopping sites such as Kaboodle, ThisNext, Wists.com and StyleHive.com provide online meeting places for people to swap shopping ideas. Social Shopping sites provide tools for users to create their own Web pages with Social information and images about items they like to help other shoppers. information INTERNET BUSINESS MODELS INTERNET BUSINESS MODELS 2. DIGITAL GOODS, CONTEN...
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