Products achieving customer intimacy with e commerce

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Unformatted text preview: e in Traditional Marketing). in example: Lands’End) and VistaPrint (Business cards, note cards, and labels busıness sıte ), feature online tools that allow consumers to purchase products tailored to their individual specifications. products ACHIEVING CUSTOMER INTIMACY WITH (E-commerce) (E-commerce) INTERACTIVE MARKETING AND PERSONALIZATION, NTERACTIVE Web sites have become a rich source of detailed information about Customer Web behaviors, preferences, needs, and buying patterns that companies can use behaviors, to tailor promotions, products, services and pricing. to Some Customer information may be obtained by asking visitors to ‘’register’’ online Some and provide information about themselves. Many companies also collect Customer information using Software tools that track the activities of Web site visitors. activities Clickstream Tracking Tools collect data on Customer activities at Web sites and store them in a log. them Clickstream Tracking Tools record the site that users visited prior to coming to a Clickstream...
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