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ARLT 101g - ARLT 100g The Holocaust and The History of...

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Course Info: Professor Judith Halberstam Lecture Hall : GFS 106 Class Time : TTH 930-1050 am Office Hours : W 12-1:30 and Th. 11-12:30, and by appointment Email : [email protected] Ph . 213-821-1169 Course Description In this class, we will use a range of genres including fiction, autobiographical writings, film and theoretical essays to explore the fatal intersection of ideologies regarding race, sexuality and nation in Europe in the period leading up to the Holocaust. These readings will allow us to think about what concepts of the body, gender and sexuality paved the way to genocide, trauma and collective atrocity. On account of the dependence of early twentieth century anti-Semitism on toxic ideologies of racial purity and racial superiority, the Nazis were very concerned with the politics and social dynamics of reproduction, desire and perversion. While all the big questions about representation and survival, memory and trauma will concern us here, we will also pay careful attention to more detailed issues about the specific role of gender and sexuality in both persecution and domination. We will also think about the use of certain bodies for medical experimentation and the role of sexuality in Nazi ideologies about normal and pathological bodies. The overall aim of this class is to think about Nazism and the Holocaust in all of their complexity as part of a modern notion of culture, identity, power and violence. COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1) 2 Response papers to be handed in over the course of the semester: 30% Each one should react to one of the readings and should be 3 pages long. I will give you guidelines for these responses. 2) Midterm exam in Wk 9 - focused on readings from Wk 1 to Wk 8 15% 3) One Essay (5-6 pages) which engages in a sustained way with 30% either one of the novels or one of the films we watch. 4) Participation/Attendance in Discussion Sections
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ARLT 101g - ARLT 100g The Holocaust and The History of...

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