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Chapter 04 Homework

Chapter 04 Homework - My iPod’s control menu Washing...

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Enter your answers to the questions below in a word processor. Then go to the class website and enter your answers in the appropriate web page accessed from the Homework section of the website. Bring your printout to class for discussion and save it until you see your grade in OPE. 1. List five application software programs you use. Briefly describe each application. -e mail: Used for communication between friends and teachers -Internet explorer: used to surf the web and access other resources. -Microsoft Office: used for typing papers and doing hw, can make spreadsheets and slideshows as well -Windows Media Player: plays videos and music on your computer. - Solitaire: A game you can play on the computer. 2. List one systems software program you use. -windows vista ultimate. 3. List two devices you use that have firmware installed.
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Unformatted text preview: My iPod’s control menu Washing Machine, the timing mechanism 4. Search the Internet to find two relatively new innovations in hardware. Describe the hardware and identify whether the primary innovation is in the input, processing, output or storage components of the hardware. You may use one of the following websites or find the hardware on your own. VMware infrastructure , combines hardware and software so businesses can deploy services continuously through its hardware to its customers. Primary innovation is in the input because they are giving the customer more control Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Center will simplify data management and application deployment. Primary innovation is in the storage components. • pcmag.com • informationweek.com • infoworld.com • computerworld.com...
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