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Database Notes for exam 3

Database Notes for exam 3 - Â∙ Microsoft Access uses...

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How Google works Web Crawler- an application that goes out and searches the web and adds it to the search index. It strips out links. Indexer- the indexer stripes out the important words. It organizes pages in rank of relevance. It pulls out significant terms and marks off search terms. All statistics will be stored. Document server- is where the longer text information found on the website. Query Processor- Takes the search term and finds it in the indexer Results formatter- Takes the results and displays it in order. The results formatter reads the index. Purpose of a Database What is a database? A data base is a very organized selection of related tables. A database can be thought as a collection of records.
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Unformatted text preview: Â∙ Microsoft Access uses metadata Â∙ Metadata is data about data Â∙ A database allows you to have multiple indexes Â∙ In a database it doesn't matter what the order is in the file. Primary Key- Uniquely identifies each row/record in a table Foreign Key- Connects a row in one table with one or more rows in another table. A table can have 0, 1, or many foreign keys. A record from the customer table can be related to 0 or many records in the order table One order can be related to one and only one customer (minimums on the inside and maximums are on the outside)....
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