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Presentation HW Instructions - ACIS 1504 Presentation...

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ACIS 1504 - Presentation Homework Instructions Overview The purpose of this homework assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of presentation development. You will create a small PowerPoint presentation and post the file to the pphw Courseware folder. The presentation should not exceed 5MB. The presentation you submit may not be one previously created for another purpose. Any presentations containing inappropriate content will receive zero credit and be reported to appropriate university officials. If you need help with this assignment, please contact your instructor or one of the tutors at the Center for Academic Enrichment and Excellence. You may also use your notes, the textbook, or PowerPoint help. (See pages Office 14 and 15) All page references in this document refer to the Illustrated Series Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 textbook. You must use PowerPoint to complete this assignment. You may be able to complete the entire assignment in an older version of PowerPoint. If you do not have access to Microsoft PowerPoint, you can find the application and WebDrive installed on computers in Pamplin 2010 and other labs on campus. Detailed Instructions To receive full credit for this homework assignment, you must comply with the following requirements: 1. Create a MS PowerPoint presentation that describes how to do something. You do not have to be an expert in your topic, but you should try to keep your presentation
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Presentation HW Instructions - ACIS 1504 Presentation...

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