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SCM for exam 3

SCM for exam 3 - retailers perspective the demand is not...

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Exam pages 142-171, 248-264, 265-277, 288-317, 288-317, 328-359 SCM Importance- 50% of all senior executives having specific supply chain improvement projects among their top 10 corporate initiatives. This resounding affirmation at management's highest levels of the supply-chain's competitive potential. Stocking your warehouse in an inefficient manner could lead to 20% loss. Just improving the supply chain management by five percent could improve the profit margin significantly. When talking about Supply Chain Management we are talking about merging how two parties are exchanging the products. Management of all these activities is really about moving all the goods. Sharing of data is what makes SCM work well. The goal of SCM is to get the product to customer. You must have a balance between excess inventory and a shortage of inventory. From the
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Unformatted text preview: retailers perspective the demand is not very different from week to week. Often time the retailer becomes scared of a shortage and over orders and the demand curve goes out of proportion. (Bullwhip effect: the little change in demand creates a dramatic change in demand.) Better communication helps firms focus on end user demand. Supply chain management has to consider facilities, inventory, transportation, and Information. A firm needs a way to check and update inventory. Benefits of SCM: Â∙ Faster replenishment Â∙ Reduced Cost Â∙ More accurate order processing Â∙ Strategic relationships with suppliers Â∙ Greater agility and responsiveness...
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