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Web HW Instructions - ACIS 1504 Web Development Homework...

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ACIS 1504 - Web Development Homework Instructions Overview The purpose of this homework assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of website design and development. You will create a personal website and post these documents to the wbhw Courseware folder. The content of the website can be about any aspect of your past, present or future life: people, places, activities, interests, organizations, etc. Your website must contain real, but not necessarily accurate, content; “here is my table, here is a bulleted list” won’t earn credit. The site should not exceed three megabytes in size. This means that all the files that makeup your website should add up to be less than 3,000,000 bytes. KB means one thousand bytes; so 2,000KB means two million bytes. If your solution is greater than 3MB you probably (1) have too many media files or (2) did not reduce the file size of your images. To reduce the file size of an image, right-click on an image in Dreamweaver, select Optimize, then set Saved Settings = JPG Smaller File. Do not use frames unless you have some prior experience with them. (If you don’t know what frames are then your website does not include them.) The site you submit may not be one previously created for another purpose. Any sites containing inappropriate content will receive zero credit and be reported to appropriate university officials. Software You may use Dreamweaver or Expression Web. Solutions created with any other software will receive zero credit. Adobe and Microsoft offer free trial versions of their web development packages. Links to these sites are found on the class website. If you have trouble downloading the free trial, go to the software’s support page. Dreamweaver is installed on at least one computer in Pamplin 2010 and all computers in the New Media Center in Torgerson. You may be able to complete the entire assignment in an older version of Dreamweaver. Detailed Instructions To receive full credit for this homework assignment, you must comply with the following requirements: 1. Use My Documents/Documents to create a folder to hold all your files for this assignment. This is called the local folder. Do NOT include apostrophes (‘) in the name of this folder or any subfolders within this folder as it will create problems on Courseware. When you save your home page in the web development application, make sure it is saved in this folder and no other. (See pages DW 28-33 or EW 28-29) ACIS 1504 - d221109f9154f9e639b9842b8f0440ebac412b5f.doc Page: 1 of 4
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2. Use My Documents/Documents to copy all image files into the folder you created above.
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Web HW Instructions - ACIS 1504 Web Development Homework...

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