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MEMORANDUM TO: Brandi Quesenberry FROM: Myers Elliotte DATE: December 5, 2008 SUBJECT: Analysis of Freshmen Lottery Group Process I felt that overall our group was well prepared and worked well together in our presentation. During the process of our preparation our group was very well organized and strived to get things finished. We were able to figure out who was doing everything for the presentation even though we were indecisive when picking everyone’s roles. We all met at the Comm. Lab on time and had a good discussion about the Comm. Lab topic. We also met another time to discuss the group discussion tips. I fulfilled my role as communicator and recorder by sending out reminder about the Comm. Lab as well as collecting and sending out everyone’s contact information. Also I did a good bit of research to prepare myself for the discussion. I sent all the information that
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Unformatted text preview: you needed to you as well. The discussion went well I think considering we have never done anything like this before. I thought we did well with the time, we hit our target goal. We analyzed and came up with plenty of solutions for the freshmen lottery situation. We let everyone talk enough and no one talked too much. At times I thought we kind of said the same things over and over. We stalled a little when we were coming up with solutions too. I thought that my contributions were significant. I thought I made good statements and came up with a solution which was the points system. In the future I would do pretty much follow the same process I followed this time. I dont think the Comm. Lab would be necessary the second time I would do this, instead just a regular meeting making everything is going well would suffice....
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