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Observation Paragraph

Observation Paragraph - I was a wild animal Then the guy...

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Myers Elliotte 10-15-2008 Comm. 1015 Brandi Quesenberry Time in the Dumpster It is not everyday that you have to jump in a dumpster and have people give you the strangest looks in the world- but that day happened to me recently. This past Saturday, I was walking back from Owens, when I was getting closer to my dorm all of a sudden this girl who seemed upset runs up to me. Her face was in peril and she seemed helpless. She then told me that she dropped her Hokie passport in one of the huge dumpsters. I told her that I would help try to get it because she was very perturbed. We walked over to the dumpster and I saw the Hokie passport lying there aimlessly. The dumpster was empty and I proceeded to leap in. As soon as I jumped in, three girls and a guy strolled by and saw me in the dumpster. They looked at me as if
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Unformatted text preview: I was a wild animal. Then the guy looked at me dumbfounded as well as amused. His face looked puzzled and utterly confused. His eyes were kind of squinted and his mouth was slightly open. The girls looked much different than the guy; they looked very stuck up. They couldn’t believe what I was doing; they had a scowl on their face. Also, their mouths were not open; instead, they were frowning and looked disgusted. However, when I jumped out of the dumpster and handed the passport back to the girl their facial expressions changed. They looked more understanding and didn’t seem to be as shocked as when I was in the dumpster. Doing things against social norms takes time for people to adjust to whether it is for good or bad....
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Observation Paragraph - I was a wild animal Then the guy...

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