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December 8th notes for exam 2

December 8th notes for exam 2 - Population may be south...

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Russian navy sent a ship through the Panama Canal Sarkozy praises china amid uproar over Dalai Lama *china is only country that hates the Dalai Lama Mexico losing war against drugs Philippe Calderon main objective was to get rid of drug cartels Cartel war is going on, all the cartels are winning Mumbai mastermind among 12 arrested in Pakistan raids Naxalite= rebel/ terrorist in central India, communist India’s economy is doing very well but Pakistan is exact opposite
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Unformatted text preview: Population may be south East Asia’s biggest problem NAM = non aligned movement Pakistan will be taken over by military soon, it is failing. Don’t have control of half of their country Pakistan president has worst job on planet When the boxers seized the boxers all world powers sent soldiers to crush it China went Communist because of Mao Zedong, the long march. The Communist fought the Japanese...
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