November 10th notes for exam 2

November 10th notes for exam 2 - Japanese constitution says...

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Russia is moving missiles to polish border. Congo is a mess Oil is dropping because world is in economic recession Rape of Nanking- group of Japanese killed thousands of people with their bayonets. Greater East Asia co-prosperity sphere- propaganda tool used by Japanese army and government telling other Asian countries they would get rid of the European powers controlling their colonies At the end of WW2, fire bombed Japan prior to dropping the atomic bombs. Why did U.S. help rebuild Japan into a world power? Check off the rise of China
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Unformatted text preview: Japanese constitution says they cannot have an army, U.S. said not to do it. Everybody in Japan puts all of their money in a bank, *interest percent in Japanese banks is 0% Japan’s stock market is worth now than in 1980 Why are robots great to the Japanese? Require neither sex nor immigration Japan is looked to for leadership economically, The Japanese joined coalition to help U.S. in war in Iraq...
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