November 17 notes for exam 2

November 17 notes for exam 2 - of power 4 unifying factors...

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World Regions Pirates capture Saudi oil tanker What else could people do with 2 million barrels of oil on a ship? Make a floating bomb Muhammad El Baradei of Syria says uranium traces found in Syria Australia and New Zealand area is the richest region south of the equator China buying Australian uranium Australia is shifting economically and shifting demographics, got rid of their only white immigration policy The United States and Japan have been working together on security issues and checking China’s growth
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Unformatted text preview: of power 4 unifying factors of the Middle East-Its day-They got oil; Persian Gulf basin has most of it-They are all Muslim, Arab Empire (based on Islamic religion and a political organization), Ottoman Empire continued this tradition. Why do Muslims drink coffee? Because they cannot drink alcohol. Most Muslims are not in the Middle East. Lebanon is the greatest melting pot of world religions in the Middle East-...
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