October 27th notes for exam 2

October 27th notes for exam 2 - All the river systems run...

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World Regions 20 killed in U.S. Strike in Pakistan (Taliban leader killed) Syria seethes at deadly US incursion, vows to resist further ‘terrorist aggression’ U.S. will not confirm or deny either of these attacks Russia A superpower once again Largest country on the planet Hot and cold Rich in resources! (Petroleum and natural gas) Russia gets more oil every year true 1/3 of Europe’s energy
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Unformatted text preview: All the river systems run south to the north. Russia isn’t that old Moscow has always been the center of Russia and its culture Bought Alaska from Russia Ruled by Romanov’s till 1917 (Monarchy) Lenin came to power because he promised to get out of WW1 Original term 3 rd world had nothing to do with economics Russia’s Vietnam= Afghanistan...
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