Notes April 8th exam 3

Notes April 8th exam 3 - Vessels Connective Tissue-...

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Vessels Connective Tissue- outermost layer, elastic tissue made of collagen, white appearance Smooth Muscle- allows diameter of blood vessel to expand or contract Endothelium- single cell layer, transparent, lining to all the blood vessels Arteries- carry blood away from the heart, blood is under more pressure More elastic- very thick walls, allows for expansion of pulse of blood When you feel your pulse you are feeling the artery wall Thicker Smooth Muscle- can control the direction of blood- decide whether tissue gets blood Carries blood under pressure- when arteries constrict it increases blood pressure Capillaries- are fragile, composed only of endothelium, allow for exchange of gasses passage of small molecules When they rupture, blood is escaping through the tissues and they are trapped. - called a bruise Veins- return blood to the heart Thin layers of connective tissue and smooth muscles Almost transparent- appear blue Carry blood under low pressure Have one way valves to assist in blood flow Carry blood which is deoxygenated (blue) but is really dark red Oxygenated blood is red Varicose veins- happens when a valve tears and vein gets bigger (looks like a snake instead of straight) Flow of blood through the heart- chart Heartbeats
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Notes April 8th exam 3 - Vessels Connective Tissue-...

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