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Notes Feb 4th - pressures on each other Competitive...

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Biology 2/4 Characteristic of a community is a diversity of species Symbiosis- Living Together Mutualism- both partners of a membership benefit + For species a and species b to live together Ex. Lichens- Mutualism between Fungus+ Algae Fungus provides water, nutrient, and housing Algae- provides O2 and glucose for fungus Acacia Trees and Ants Mutualistic- Ant protect trees and trees provide home and in some species of trees food for the ants Commensalism- One species benefits and the other doesn’t benefit and isn’t harmed Parasitism- One species is helped and the other is harmed Malaria, Mistletoe Epiphytes- plants which grow on other plants. In rainforests includes many orchids, ferns, bromeliads (Mutualistic) Strangler Fig- Starts as commensalistic but eventually suffocates and kills tree (parasite) Nasal mites in tropical hummingbird, Use the hummingbirds as transport Co evolution- evolutionary changes which occur between two different species as result of selective
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Unformatted text preview: pressures on each other Competitive Exclusion Principle- No two species can simultaneously occupy the “exact” same niche. One will exclude the other Factors which Maintain Species Diversity 1. Resource Partitioning a. Feeding on different food b. Feeding at different places c. Feeding at different times 2. Stratification of habitat a. More vertical layers 3. Patches of different plants or animals Resource partitioning in Herons Feed on the same species but at different depths of water because of differences in Leg Length How to avoid being eaten Armor Cryptic colors or Camouflage Disruptive Coloration Safety in Numbers Mimicry-Batesian Mimicry- A harmless form mimics a poisonous, distasteful or harmful model-Mullerian Mimicry- Similar appearance of all distasteful, harmful, or poisonous species Ex. Bees...
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Notes Feb 4th - pressures on each other Competitive...

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